Van Ness Framed Litter Pan
Van Ness Framed Litter Pan

Van Ness Framed Litter Pan

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Greatly reduces litter scatter and provide more privacy than traditional litter pans. Ideal for cats who are uncomfortable or unwilling to use fully enclosed pans. The pan frame provides additional weight that helps hold cat pan liners securely in place, providing easy litter cleanup. Features an odor- and stain-resistant high-polished finish that’s extremely easy to wipe or spray clean. Made in USA.

• High-sides and framed design helps prevent litter spills

• Integrated latches lock top to bottom pan, holding liners in place

• Odor and stain resistant

• 20% recycled content

• Sleek modern design

19 x 15 x 7.5 inches

Colors may vary, you will receive either blue or green, sorry we cannot fulfill specific color requests.