Nugget's frozen yogurt Wild Blueberry 3.5oz

Nugget's frozen yogurt Wild Blueberry 3.5oz

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Artisan Yogurt Made-from-scratch, our low-fat Smart Snacks Artisan Yogurt cups are made with milk from happy, healthy cows who are hormone + antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and enjoy open pastures.

Smart Snacking
for our pets means exactly what it does for us humans — it’s about enjoying fresh, delicious, wholesome, unprocessed foods. Our savory, handcrafted snacks offer a daily nutritional boost to the immune system & gut in support of whole body health.

Our Wild Blueberries are harvested in Maine & Southeastern Canada from indigenous plants that have been around since the ice age. We love Wild Blueberries because they contain 4X more antioxidants than cultivated blueberries!