About Us

It was spring 2007 when we opened the doors of District Dog. At the time little was known about the importance of pet nutrition. But after personally struggling with our dog Emilia’s health, we felt we could bring everything we had learn to our Greenpoint community.

Emilia suffered from chronic UTIS during the first 5 years of her life and it came to a point where surgery became the only option for her. In our search for answers, we read every health book available, consulted with every doctor we were recommended and started learning about nutrition from the same people who pioneer the health revolution in pet food.

A simple change in Emilia’s diet quickly took her from a sick dog into a perfectly healthy one.

14 years later, Emilia is still healthier and happier than she was in her early years of life, and we are thrilled to have celebrated her 19th birthday in 2020.
Seeing her thrive encourages us everyday to continue working for what we believe.

We make it our personal guarantee that we won’t carry any products we wouldn’t bring home to our own family. Our store has always been wheat, soy and corn free. Our foods don’t have artificial colorings or flavorings. And we pride ourselves in working with brands that source and manufacture in countries that have strict levels of supervision like Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.

The same love we put into bringing the best foods and treats, spreads through out the store by choosing the best quality toys and accessories that will fill a pets life with fun and comfort. We are always on the lookout for companies that prefer sustainable and ethically sourced materials that are kind to both pets and earth.

Our shop is an extension of our home. A place where you can shop with confidence knowing that we care as much as you do.