Mimi green Reflective Nylon Easy On Harness Black

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Keeping your pup safe is a big job, especially at night. Our Reflective nylon easy on designer dog harnesses are strong in construction, easy to use, and colorful with cutting edge in design. This webbing was custom made for us, no one else has it!

We don’t like bulky dog harnesses that take 15 minutes to put on, and we know you don’t either. We know your dog is ready for that walk 10 minutes ago! Who has time to stop to fuddle around with a harness? Mimi Green has the answer. We combined our funky Mimi Green style with your dog’s need for comfort, safety, and easy living and we got our new Easy-On Dog Harnesses! That’s right — all you have to do is slip the loop over your pups head and then fasten the buckle around their belly and you are ready to go!

med: 1"w 16"-21" girth
lg: 1"w 18"-25" girth