Hemp Rope Toy :  Ball With 1 Handle

Hemp Rope Toy : Ball With 1 Handle

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Strength: Hemp is an extremely strong and durable natural fiber rope with about 8x the strength of cotton.
Eco Friendly & Organic: Hemp is an 100% natural produced fiber, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, and has anti-bacterial properties.

Braided Design: Our hemp rope toy has been braided and knotted to further increase the line span of the toy.
Includes a handle at one end to play tug with your dog.

Cleans Teeth: The anti-bacterial properties of the hemp toy and the braided, durable rope design helps with dental hygiene and makes a perfect toy for teething puppies.

Ball & 1 Handle Size: 3"x3" Dimensions 5"

Handle Length Material: Hemp fiber

Made in United States of America