All Things Pink Drink  Doggie Drink Mix
All Things Pink Drink  Doggie Drink Mix

All Things Pink Drink Doggie Drink Mix

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Elevate your pup's hydration game with our All Things Pink Drink Mix! Infused with a blend of wholesome ingredients, including nourishing goat milk, refreshing strawberries, hydrating coconut, aromatic vanilla, and nutrient-rich chia seeds, this mix offers a delicious and nutritious way to keep your dog hydrated.

Simply add our All Things Pink Drink Mix to any dog-safe liquid, such as water, bone broth, or yogurt, and watch your pup lap up the goodness. Each ingredient has its own unique benefits, with goat milk providing essential vitamins and minerals, strawberries offering antioxidants and natural sweetness, coconut providing hydration and healthy fats, vanilla adding a delightful flavor, and chia seeds packed with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

Be creative and explore various serving options - make delightful pupsicles, spread the mix onto a lick mat for a fun treat, or mix it with your pup's regular food for added nutrition. With our PowerPup Powdered Drink Mix, you can ensure your furry friend stays hydrated while enjoying a nutrient-packed treat.

Give your pup the power of hydration and wholesome nutrition with our All Things Pink Drink Mix. Order now and provide your beloved companion with a refreshing and nourishing experience they'll love!

Ingredients: Goatmilk powder, dried strawberries, coconut, beet powder, banana powder, chia seeds, turmeric, vanilla bean powder