Wee Away All In One Pro Lemon 16oz
Wee Away All In One Pro Lemon 16oz

Wee Away All In One Pro Lemon 16oz

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• Environmentally Friendly
• Biodegradable
• No Harsh Chemicals
• Non-Toxic
• With Instant Odor Control
• Offensive Odors Vanish
• Also Eliminates Mildew

Wee Away All In One Pro Lemon 16oz is a special formula that contains billions and billions of pure, natural enzymes in a unique, pleasantly scented liquid. digests all organic matter that causes offensive odors on many different surfaces.
Destroys stains and odors quickly, easily, permanently and safely.
Recommended for carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, clothing, pet cages, litter boxes, & sleeping areas.
Also will remove odors and stains from blood, vomit, feces, animal oils and other residues.

This is a completely safe product –
Safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.
Shake well before use. Spray area until saturated. Wait 5 minutes, then blot or wipe with cloth or paper towel.
If stain persists, reapply and let sit for one hour.
On porous surfaces, use a brush to help remove stains.